Safelite Glass Corporation

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Safelite Glass Corporation is a leading automotive glass repair and replacement company

Safelite has over 70 years of experience in the industry. The company is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, and has more than 720 stores across the country. The company has expanded its operations with three new warehouses and 18 separate retail glass outlets in Denver. Safelite’s biggest component is its total of nine warehouses and a manufacturing plant on the East Coast that produce superior quality glass products. Safelite Glass Corp. has a 14 percent share of the market and operates a fleet of vans that provide home service for customers. Safelite Arizona Auto Glass has taken over multiple chains in Phoenix – so we will wait on what happens with that. The company has undergone several changes in corporate ownership over the past 50 years, including an investment banking firm Thomas H. Lee Co., which helped Safelite grow into a $2.4 billion market leader.

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Safelite provides glass block, flat glass, and service auto glass
Wichita Kansas – the birthplace of the outlandishly high price Safelite. Bud Classman and Art Lankin had the primary focus of the auto glass and windshield replacement company. The auto glass company has undergone several changes in corporate ownership over the years, with the paper printing machines in overdrive, investment banking firm Thomas H. Lee Co. helping Safelite grow into a $2.4 billion market leader. In 1997, Safelite underwent an initial public offering and became a publicly traded company.

Safelite Glass in Arizona is a auto glass company that specializes in manufacturing glass and plastic film for windows
The company’s name is synonymous with safety because of its innovative use of plastic film that prevents shards from flying in case of an impact. Safelite’s two-sheet layer provides an added shield to car windows, making it a popular choice for automotive term shield replacements. The proliferation of automobiles in the postwar era created the need for safer cars, especially after the rise in auto accidents. The company has a second installation center in the Greater Wichita area and a production plant three years into operation. Safelite has implemented vertical integration to control costs and ensure quality control throughout its business period. The company experienced rapid expansion in its first two decades, including the 1968 acquisition of Royal Industries.

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A royal moniker
Safelite was founded in 1947 as Royal Jet Inc. Initially, the firm was a defense contractor that provided aerospace materials and accessories to the U.S. military. However, it diversified its activity over the years to become a distributor of automotive parts and consumer goods. In its first two decades of operation, Safelite acquired 30 companies, including Royal Industries in 1968. This acquisition enabled Safelite to become an 80 million manufacturer of rubber products and automotive accessories. Founded in the early 1970s, Safelite originally started as a subsidiary of Lear Siegler Inc. and later became part of the larger corporation, Lear Seating Corporation. With an advertising budget of $700 million, Safelite has grown into a conglomerate with nine warehouses and a manufacturing plant on the East Coast.

Safelite Glass Corporation is a subsidiary of Belron, a global leader in automotive glass repair and replacement
In the latter years, Safelite has grown significantly with over 550 retail shops across the country. The company has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a small shop in Wichita, Kansas. In the early 1980s, Safelite was bought by Lear Siegler Inc., which helped expand its facilities to Salt Lake City and North Carolina. Today, Safelite houses 45 warehouses and employs over 4,000 people with annual sales of over $1 billion. Investment bankers took notice and orchestrated the sale of Safelite to a new parent in 1997. Under the leadership of Chairman and CEO Robert Morosky and Chief Financial Officer, the company has undergone significant changes over time. The goal is to have 1,500 stores nationwide, which will require continued investment in marketing efforts and components for windshield repair.

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Safelite offers exceptional services to individual claims and insurers
The company’s claims processing system ensures proportionate distribution of administrative costs, leading to a comprehensive total claims solution. Safelite has partnered with the top 30 insurance companies, such as State Farm, Aetna, and Safeco, to provide a total customer solution. With over 300 repair jobs completed each day, Safelite has established its dominance in the market through its good old boy network. This network enables the company to deliver efficient service by connecting customers with local technicians. They have established themselves as a leading provider of auto glass services for insurance customers. Safelite has developed an extensive computer network that streamlines the claims processing functions for major auto insurers. Their employees are trained to handle all aspects of claims processing, including electronic data interchange with insurance companies. Safelite also operates new national referral phone centers where registered claims can be processed quickly and efficiently.

The company has an impressive marketing program
That includes partnerships with insurance companies, claims processors, and business partners like Staglin. The goal of the company is to provide top-notch service to customers while keeping processing costs low. Safelite was recently featured in the Columbus Dispatch for its innovative approach to windshield claims processing, which has helped it increase market share and net income. As a window replacer, Safelite is fifth in the nation in terms of inventory, making it a reliable source for all types of automotive glass needs.

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With over 4,000 windshield installations per day
Safelite has established itself as a trusted name in the industry. The company offers two distinctive types of vans – the Staglin and the Tandem – to provide excellent customer service with mobile service for home windshield replacements and emergency repairs. Their Catastrophe Action Team is always on wake to assist during natural disasters like Hurricane Andrew. Safelite Auto Glass has a comprehensive roster of proprietary windshields and a windshield duplicating device that allows them to produce over 900 windshield styles. Their technique added custom designs, making them a leading innovator in the industry. As a distributor and installer in the U.S.A., they offer quality replacement auto glass for any vehicle. Their mission is to provide excellent services while upholding their values of integrity, teamwork, and customer satisfaction.

The company values its associates and encourages mutual respect, trust, and teamwork
Recently, Safelite Glass Corporation implemented a new compensation plan for its hourly employees to improve their hourly pay rate and increase employee morale. The company also invested in a computerized system to manage its inventory and business relationships with suppliers like Staglin. While the changeover from piece rate to hourly pay has potential pitfalls, the results of this implementation have been positive with increased installation rates and output.

Safelite Glass Corporation has been in the spotlight for its productivity per worker program, which has gained wide press coverage. The program has resulted in an average productivity increase of 20 percent and employee earnings have risen by 10 percent. The overall output of the company has increased by 36 percent, which Gene Koretz praised in a February 1997 article in Business Week. The high rate of customer satisfaction rose five percentage points to reach an impressive 95 percent.

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